We put the power
of Earth Tech
in your hands.

Earth Tech is about using technology to solve big problems.

There is no denying that agriculture is under pressure like never before. Farmers are struggling to make a living, supply chains are disrupted, input costs are rising, the environment is being degraded, and yet the world demands more food. We don’t believe in the trade-off between what is good for the environment and what is good for business. We believe in building better tools for a better planet.

We’re building platforms that create long-term solutions.

We enable innovative products that help farmers run their operations more efficiently and profitably while reducing carbon. We’re also working to build a community of tech partners innovating to develop the next generation of agricultural technologies and carbon accounting practices. We’re putting the power of innovators and forward-thinkers into your hands.

We’re also collaborating on several projects
to help solve big problems in our community.  

This is just the beginning.
There are so many more applications waiting to be discovered.

So, what problem would you like to help us solve with Earth Tech?