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Learn more about how we are helping industries across Australia to dramatically improve their sustainable land asset management and decarbonisation

Our Initiatives

At Sensand, we are committed to promoting sustainability through transformative agriculture, forestry and carbon abatement projects. By driving carbon reductions and sustainable land management practices, our projects are working to unlock growing opportunities for meaningful and ethical investment

Natural Capital Accounting

La Trobe University’s farm-scale Natural Capital Accounting Project is developing a data management system to measure natural capital on farms across Victoria, NSW and Tasmania. Sensand’s Blockbase platform stores, processes and presents this data, enabling farmers to improve the productivity and resilience of their land and prove they meet high ecological standards.

Industry Partners

One Basin CRC

Sensand is a Tier 1 partner and the technology lead in the One Basin CRC project, a $159 million project that’s developing solutions for water irrigation and monitoring across nearly 40% of Australia’s agricultural production land. The project is a major potential source for future blue carbon – an emerging field with significant implications for climate change mitigation.

Over 10 Years
of Aus. Agricultural Land


Sensand has partnered with the NorVicFoods program to support digital solutions across Australia’s Goulburn Valley region. The initiative aims to rejuvenate the region through five multifaceted industry projects, emphasising the importance of technology-enabled approaches to boost the productivity and sustainability of the local environment.

Industry Projects

Partnering With The World’s Best

Leading hardware and software providers, environmental agencies, multinational corporations can see the power and potential of Sensand’s technology and are working with us in growing numbers


Point Zero

Australian Carbon Industry

Australian Defi Association


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Earth Daily Agro

Airbourne Logic

Open Drone Map

Apple Weather Kit

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