Helping agtech run faster, smarter,
and work together.

All agtech in one platform

Fractured data across incompatible products only tells part of the story. So, we’re bringing all agtech products together to be used in a single platform. Regardless of who builds them.

More than the sum of their parts

Through Blockbase, individual agtech products will offer more than they can on their own. A connected ecosystem gives rise to new approaches for existing solutions and novel solutions to new problems.

Increase agtech adoption

A unified platform means that farmers can find and use agtech easier. This means tech companies can launch on a platform that current and potential customers will already be comfortable using.

Blockbase connects users to agtech, agtech to services, and agtech to each other.

For Tech Partners

A platform to provide a front-end or integration for your product.

Find your audience

One platform that connects to everything means tech partners can be sure where to find their customers. On Blockbase.

Launch quickly,
at a fraction of the cost

With inbuilt access to global services, you can build fast and launch new products anywhere, with minimal extra work and cost.

Build better and more,
but not from scratch

An agtech specific development environment, as well as an ecosystem of additional services, means more time building your product and less time spent on infrastructure and integrations.

For Farmers

A platform to manage agtech, connect services, and interact with farm data.

One platform. All your devices and services

We’re making it simple for farmers to monitor and use all their technology in one place. In every way that suits the needs of each farm.

By team and by tech

As farms adopt more devices and services, Blockbase grows with them. As operations and teams change, the ease of use stays the same.

Control agtech and
data securely

Blockbase will help farmers manage permissions, view data, and manually control or automate tech.

For Advisors

One place to manage and grow your farming clients.

Direct connection

In Blockbase, advisors and their clients work with data directly – meaning more time is spent on agronomy and advice and less on connectivity and technology.

Deeper insights

With better data and analytical tools, Blockbase will enable advisors to provide deeper insights to their clients.

More clients,
less work

With a single login, Blockbase enables advisors to connect with all their clients in one place, making life easier for everyone. And it means that new farming clients are even more accessible.

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